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Nearly every report in your system has a "Save This Report" icon under the Generate section that lets you save the report for later Save_Report.jpg. If you click this icon, the system looks at your login, remembers the filters you used for the report, and saves a link to the customized report in the Saved section of the Reports screen. This is different than choosing to favorite a report, which doesn’t save your feature preferences. It’s ideal for reports that you run more than others (e.g., Payroll reports, Sales reports, etc.), or for really specific reports that you run on a regular schedule.


To save a report

  1. Click the Reports tab and choose a report.
  2. Adjust the report's filters however you wish.
  3. Click on the Save Report icon (1).
  4. When prompted, give the report a name (2).
  5. Click Save Report (3).

 Reports_saved_1.png  reports_saved_2.3.png


To access a saved report

  1. Click on your Reports tab.
  2. Observe the Saved section on the right.
  3. Click the name of the saved report that you want to open.



To remove a saved report

  1. Click on your Reports tab.
  2. Hover over the saved report that you want to remove, and click the trashcan icon to the right.



When saving a report, there are two important things to know about how dates are remembered:

  1. When you save a report with specific start and end dates (without clicking any date arrows), the report will be saved with those exact start and end dates.
  2. If you save a report after clicking the rolling averages arrows, then the next time you run the report, it will generate a rolling average from the current date.


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