Running a credit card transaction (Europe, Australia, UK, New Zealand)

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This shows you how to run a transaction if you need to test your merchant account and are located in Europe, Australia, UK or New Zealand.

If you want to void or refund your transaction once you've completed a sale, please note EziDebit does not support refunds or voids and iDeal does not support voids. All other processors will allow you to void and refund.


Step 1: Navigate to the Retail tab

To pay for new products or services, go to the Retail tab. This is usually found in the top right of your screen, but may have a different name.

Step 2: Search for your client

Once on the Retail screen, you'll need to search for your client in the “Search Client By” field. Please note that the last client that you looked up will be available as a button to the right of the search field. You can also do a “Walk-in” sale, which does not require you to access a client account.

Step 3: Add Items to the Ticket

Add an item to the ticket by clicking on one of the options under “Add Item.” If you're running a test transaction, then you'll want to search for “water” under “Products" or create a product with a low cost like $3.Once you've looked up an item, click on the “Add Item” button in the lower left corner to move the item to the ticket.

Step 4: Charge Your Client

Once you've added all the items to the ticket for this transaction, you'll need to choose a payment method. There will be a checkbox that says “Store Billing Info,” this will store the credit card information to your client's profile.

  • To key in a credit card, click “CC Key/Stored.” Here you will enter your client’s credit card information in the specified fields.
  • To run a stored credit card, click “CC Key/Stored.” Here you will see the option to use the stored information on file, or to enter a new credit card; select the stored information.
  • To swipe a credit card, click “CC Swipe." Make sure that your cursor is in the CC Swipe “Swipe Card Now” text box and swipe the card.
    • The system will automatically finish the transaction and try to print the receipt, meaning you don't have to press “Save Print Receipt,” “Save Print Gift Receipt,” or “Save Print Invoice."

Once you've completed the sale by swiping the card or clicking “Save Print Receipt,” “Save Print Gift Receipt,” or “Save Print Invoice,” one of two things will happen:

  1. If you have the "Receipts - Print Automatically" option enabled in General Setup & Options, then your screen will reload, a receipt will print, and your sale will be complete!
  2. If you don't have the "Receipts - Print Automatically" option enabled, then a pop-up window will appear asking which printer you'd like to print from. Choose which printer you would like, press "OK" or "Cancel," and your sale will be complete!

 Step 5: Follow the funding for deposit timeline

Allow your transaction to be deposited into your bank account to have the experience of:

  1. Seeing how a charge from your business appears on a bank statement
  2. How long it takes to receive a customer payment into your bank account


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    37489 UnGo-Yoga

    What are the instructions if you don't have an outside terminal and are manually processing? (Apologies if it's obviously listed, I don't see it). Thnx!

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    Jenna - Merchant Transfer Manager

    Hello UnGo-Yoga, are you referring to manually processing in your POS? If so, you would follow the instructions under Scheduling an Autopay above. However, if you are wanting to process in-studio transactions (keyed & Swiped) that are not autopays, we suggest you get the outside terminal so you receive the best rates possible.

    Please let me know if I can assist you further

    Jenna Wallravin

    Merchant Support Coordinator

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