Adding or removing no-auth credit card payment methods

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No-Auth CC Sales are used only to create sales records when another processor was used prior to MINDBODY (for example, a PayPal or a Verifone machine). .

Any sale made with this type of payment method does not remove money from the cardholder's credit card or put money into your bank account. It merely records the sale. It does not process funds. These payment methods are listed as:

  • Credit (Visa/MC) (NO AUTH)
  • Credit (AMX) (NO AUTH)
  • Credit (Discover) (NO AUTH)


To turn off/on Non-Authorization Payment Methods

  1. Log in to your site using the owner's username and password.
  2. Hit the Home tab and select Manager Tools from the submenu. Click the Settings button and choose General Setup & Options under General Settings.GSO_in_Settings.png

3. Click on the Merchant Account Processing Settings section.

4. Uncheck or check the Enable box for "Display No Authorization Credit Card Payment Methods."

5. Click on the Update button at the bottom.


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