Sending PAP transactions to the bank (RBC)

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If you process PAP through RBC, then you're required to manually send these transactions to the bank; they will not automatically batch like your credit card transactions do.

To send files to the bank:

  1. Navigate to your the Pending Transactions screen: Payment Processing > Merchant Account Transactions > Pending Transactions.
  2. Select the checkbox to the right of each transaction that you'd like to send to the bank, and then click the Send Files to Bank button at the bottom of the screen. Please note that this step must be done in Internet Explorer or Safari, if you are not using one of these browsers, the files will not send.
  3. You will receive a confirmation message letting you know that the file was sent successfully or that the transfer failed.
After the file is sent successfully, there is still a possibility that some of the transactions in your batch have been returned. PAP is a non-real time payment method like a check, so we may find later that payment invalid.

When 25% of a PAP batch is returned, RBC will send you a detailed email advising you of the return. They automatically reject this batch, and this return information does not get passed to MINDBODY. This can cause an issue with future files updating properly.

When you received notification from RBC that your 25% of your batch is returns, you must reach out to MINDBODY for manual intervention or your transactions will not move to “Settled” or “Voided/Rejected” for the remainder of the time you use PAP.

Any previous transactions will be in your “Pending” transaction report. You must provide MINDBODY with a list of transactions (client information) that were rejected if you would like your reports to be accurate. You will have to obtain this list from RBC directly.

Please contact MINDBODY Merchant Support at or by calling 877-755-4279.


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