Saving bank account details in client profiles

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Adding bank account information to client profiles to use with ACH, PAP, Direct Debit, or ELV can be done at any time. The term for processing payment using customer bank accounts varies by processor; therefore the names of the fields within your client profiles will vary by processor as well.

  • MINDBODY Processing (Transfirst): ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • MINDBODY Processing (Elavon-TTech): ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • RBC: PAP (Pre-Authorized Payments)
  • EziDebit: Direct Debit
  • Paysafe: Direct Debit, SEPA, EFT (Canada)
  • Adyen: SEPA


Step 1: Select your client

Look up your client. Use the "Search for or jump to a client" field at the top left of your site.                                                     Search_for_a_client.png

  1. Search for the client.
  2. If there are multiple results, then you'll need to select the client's name from the results.

Step 2: Add the bank account details

  1. Click on the client's Profile screen and expand the Billing Information section found at the bottom of the page.
  2. There will be two sections here, one for credit card details and the other for bank account details. The highlighted sections below will be for bank account details (the titles of these fields will vary based on processor).
  3.  Enter the bank account details and the card holder's name as specified in each field and click Save Client Information.




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