Voiding credit card transactions

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Depending on your processor, a credit card transaction can be voided prior to settlement. Click HERE to see if your processor supports voids.

Voiding the credit card transaction will not remove the charge from your customer's bank account immediately. Your customer will see a pending transaction on his or her bank statement for up to seven business days following the void. To release the funds immediately, he or she will need to contact the bank directly.

To void a transaction before it has settled in your MINDBODY site, you'll need to navigate to the client's Purchases screen or to your Approved Transactions report under the Merchant Account Transactions menu (Payment Processing > Merchant Account Transactions > Approved Transactions).

From the client's purchase history

  1. Click the Sale ID for the transaction.
  2. Choose the Void button.

From the Approved Transactions report

  1. Click the View/Void link next to the transaction you would like to void.
  2. Click the Void button. Note that you'll also see a link on this page titled “Void checked transactions.” Please only use this option for transactions in which you want to void the credit card sale, but not the sale record in your site.
  3. A popup window will display. Click Continue to process the void.

If the Void button is grayed out

There are a few reasons this could happen:

  • The transaction has already settled. If you cannot find the transaction under Approved Transactions, or the phrase “Unsettled Transaction” does not appear next to the payment method in the client's Purchases screen, then this transaction has already settled and you must refund the transaction instead.
  • The transaction that you are trying to void is associated with a pricing option in use. You must cancel appointments or make sessions unpaid before you can void this transaction.


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