How to apply for a merchant account

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A MINDBODY merchant account gives your business the ability to accept payment by credit card and bank account at the retail point of sale, through automatic payments and over the Internet. You need a merchant account to use the Online Store and recurring billing features in your MINDBODY site. Apply for a merchant account today and increase your profitability.

  • US clients: To apply, follow this link to our online application. Have questions? Contact or call 877-755-4279.
    • You’ll need to fill out the merchant account application, and provide us with a business license and a copy of a voided check or bank memo (so we know where to send your funds). Some applications may require additional documentation; you’ll be contacted by a Sales Specialist if needed.
    • When you fill out the application, you'll need to have your social security number, Federal Tax ID, bank account number, routing number, and other business-related information on hand.
    • If you have poor credit, you may be asked to provide additional documentation so that an informed decision can be made regarding approval. If you are in active bankruptcy, you will not be approved for a merchant account.
    • A soft credit inquiry will be performed as part of the application process
    • It can take up to two weeks to be fully processing from the time of application.


  • Canadian clients: To apply, follow this link and click "Apply Today" in the lower-right corner of the page. Have questions? Contact or call 877-755-4279.


  • International clients: We offer integrated payments in 45 countries. To set up your merchant account, follow this link and select your country from the drop-down menu. Have questions? Contact or call 877-755-4279.


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