Getting started with ACH (U.S. clients)

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ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a network for financial transactions that gives merchants the ability to accept payment using a customer’s bank account and routing number.

When is ACH recommended?

If your business is going to process at least $1,000 in debit transactions each month, then an ACH account is a good option to consider. If you don’t plan to run at least $1,000 in ACH transactions, then it will not be a profitable solution, as the fees will be higher than the profits. ACH can be added to your merchant account at any time.

What are the disadvantages of using ACH?

ACH is not real-time, meaning you will not know whether your customer actually has available funds and that you have entered the banking information correctly for at least 5 business days after you submit the transaction. When running a credit card transaction, you know immediately if the card has sufficient credit remaining and that the account details were entered correctly. Also, accounting for ACH is more difficult, as you have to log in to an outside system to track deposits, fees, and statements.

Is there a good alternative?

Everything that can be done with ACH can be done with credit cards, including recurring payments. You can do this by setting up autopays to debit the credit card on file rather than the bank account.

How do I add ACH?

Please contact our Merchant Support Team at or by calling 877-755-4279 to get the necessary forms to add ACH to your account. Once we receive the completed forms, it will take up to 1 week to add this feature to your site.

Can I add ACH to my payment methods if I'm a MINDBODY Solo client?

No, you will need to upgrade to Grow, Pro, or Accelerate to accept ACH processing. To see pricing and the benefits of upgrading to a different software level, click here.


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