Getting started with PAP (Canadian clients)

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Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) is the Canadian equivalent of ACH (Automated Clearing House) in the United States. PAP is a network for financial transactions that gives merchants the ability to accept payment using a customer’s bank account and routing numbers.

Some merchants want PAP because it provides them with the ability to debit their customers’ checking accounts on a monthly basis without using a physical check. PAP sidesteps many of the middle people used in credit card processing; this can make each transaction cheaper.

How do I add PAP?

MINDBODY integrates with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) for PAP processing. You'll need to obtain both a bank account and a PAP Account through RBC to integrate PAP processing with your MINDBODY site.

Unfortunately, RBC will not speak with third parties, and doesn't have appointed representatives for MINDBODY clients. You will need to contact RBC directly to set up your accounts, but please contact MINDBODY’s Merchant Support team first at for specific details on setting up your PAP integration.

The entire setup process could take up to three weeks, so be sure to give yourself ample time if you need to start billing your clients through PAP on a specific date.




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