How to use Transaction Central (TransFirst clients)

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Transaction Central gives you the ability to track your ACH statements, deposits, fees, and declined/rejected transactions. You can access Transaction Central here:


It is very important that you DO NOT process sales, voids, or refunds in the Transaction Central gateway. 

If you do, your transactions will not be processed and you will NOT receive the funds. Transaction Central has many functions but you will only need to use the reporting section because all other functionality is integrated into your MINDBODY software.


ACH Statements:

This is a detailed monthly statement for all ACH transactions and fees.

  1. Click on Reports.
  2. Click on Statements.
  3. Select the statement you would like to view and click Apply Filters.

Here you will see your ACH statement for the specified dates.

ACH Journal Reports

This will give you an up-to-date status of ACH batches, deposits, and rejects

  1. Click on Reports.
  2. Click on ACH Journal.
  3. Fill in date information and click Apply Filters.

Anything highlighted in:

    • Grey that says “Total Amount of Debit” is an ACH batch sent from MINDBODY to Transfirst.
    • Green that says “EFT To” is a deposit to your bank account.
    • Pink that says “EFT from” is a debit from your bank, either for a refund issued, an outstanding balance, or fees issued.
    • Yellow that says “Total Amount Returned” is an ACH payment that was returned by your clients bank, you can click on the “RefID” to find out which client(s) had a returned ACH transaction.

For Declined/Returned ACH Transactions:

It is very important that you log in to this system on a monthly basis. If you are submitting transactions with a small error in the banking information, your client's bank may be auto-correcting it. However, you will still be billed the $6 fee for that error and if you continue to send transactions with the wrong banking information you will be in violation of NACHA rules and your ACH processing may be shut down.

  1. Click on Reports.
  2. Click on Return List.
  3. Change “Type” to “ACH.”
  4. Edit the date fields to the dates you would like to see.
  5. Click Apply Filters.

Here you will see your declined ACH transactions and the reason for those declines so you can take the appropriate action.

Please note that transactions will show as declined here before they will show in the Voided/Rejected report in your MINDBODY software.


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