What information can I access in TransLink? (TransFirst clients)

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TransLink is an online portal used to access information on credit card statements, deposits, and fees.

You can access TransLink here: https://translink.transfirst.com/login.asp



The Authorizations tab will give you information on every single credit card transaction run through the software (whether it was approved or declined). It will tell you the reason for declines and whether or not there was AVS verification.

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Card Activity

Card Activity provides you with a history of transaction activity for a specific card at a specific merchant location. This information pertains to settled transactions, authorization records, and any retrieval requests or chargebacks that have come in on the specified card number.

  • Note: You must have the full card number to retrieve this information.

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Chargeback/Retrieval reports

The Chargeback/Retrieval Reports screen allows you to view retrieval requests, pre-arbitrations, and chargebacks that you have received during the specified time frame, by record number or by cardholder number. You can specify that the search be filtered by Merchant ID and within a specified date range during which the item was received into the system. You may also specify an individual record number or cardholder number to review all associated items. The results of the search are sorted ascending, based on the date the retrieval request or chargeback was received into the system. This screen also allows you to upload dispute documents directly to the Chargeback Department online in lieu of faxing or mailing the information.

If you aren't sure what client the chargeback applies to, you can search the last 4 digits of the credit card provided in TransLink by going to Reports > Payment Processing > Settled Transactions. Enter the number into Search by CC/ACH Last 4 and click Generate.

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Interchange Detail report

The Interchange Detail report screen provides you with an overall view of the interchange rates you have been billed. This screen can be sorted by YTD or single months within the year.

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Interchange report

The Interchange report displays interchange qualifications for transactions settled within a specified date range. Users can review summary or detailed information about each transaction within the date range. The results of the search are sorted from newest to oldest, with the most recent transactions displayed at the top. Users can also search for a specific transaction by entering a card number during the search process. A merchant number and a date range are required when searching for a specific transaction.

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IRS Transaction Details report

The IRS Transaction Details report allows the user to search by Tax Identification Number and Year(s) to see IRS-reportable information, including withholding and 1099-Ks. All merchants (to which the user has access) associated with this TIN will appear in this report, unless a specific Merchant ID is entered. The information is listed by year and includes links to monthly summaries, details, and 1099-Ks. Enter a valid TIN, specify report start and end years, and click Create Report.

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Note History report

The Note History report allows the user to view merchant-level historical notes as entered by customer service and various other merchant support representatives. Search results provide all note history for the specified merchant with the most recent notes displayed at the top.

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The Statement screen allows you to retrieve previously generated month-end Merchant Processing Statements. Report parameter fields are provided in which you can designate the specific processing month and year to retrieve and display an image of the month-end statement.

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The Transactions tab will give you information on your deposits for credit card transactions. Click Create Report for a specific date range to see your deposit amounts and the date they were sent to your bank. These amounts should match up with the amounts on your “settled” transactions page within your MINDBODY software.

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Note: This page will NOT show you ACH deposits.



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