How can I view my ACH statements? (TransFirst)

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If you accept ACH payments, you might have questions on tracking payments and reconciling fees. You can use your gateway, Transaction Central, to see an overview of fees and deposits. 

If you want to look at granular info on deposits and fees see How to use Transaction Central (Transfirst clients) 


It is very important that you DO NOT process sales, voids, or refunds in the Transaction Central gateway. 

If you do, your transactions will not be processed and you will NOT receive the funds. Transaction Central has many functions, but you will only need to use the reporting section because all other functionality is integrated into your MINDBODY software.


Log into Transaction Central and select Reports > ACH Statement.


Select the month you'd like to reconcile and click Show Statement.

This will generate a statement showing all of your settlements, rejects, deposits, and debits.

  • Total amount of Debit (Studio Name): These are the transactions that were sent to TransFirst for settlement.
  • Held until (Date): These are the funds that were held and the date that they'll be held until for processing.
  • Release of funds on hold: This is how much TransFirst released to you.
  • EFT To…: This is the actual deposit sent to your bank account.
  • Total Amount Returned: This is a transaction that was returned from your client's bank.
  • EFT From…: This is a debit from your bank account for money owed.
  • ….items @ 0.5: These are how many ACH transactions you are being charged for; you are charged $0.50 per transaction.
  • 1% processing fee: This is your 1% processing fee for all ACH transactions run through the system.
  • …items Rtn Fee: These are how many ACH transaction you are being charged a return fee for; you are charged $6.00 per ACH return.

Please note that if funds are being “held,” and you have an item returned, the "returned" amount will debit from the funds that have not yet been deposited ("held") instead of from your bank account.




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