Thermal Receipt Printer Paper FAQ

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What size paper do I need?

  • Your TSP printer uses 80-mm (3⅛-in) thermal receipt paper.

Can I buy receipt paper from MINDBODY?

  • One starter roll of 80-mm (3⅛-in) thermal receipt paper is included with your printer purchase. Additional paper can be purchased at most office supply stores and online.

How will I know when I need to replace the roll?

  • When the paper runs low, your printer's red error light will begin to flash.

How do I load the paper roll?

  1. Press the open lever on the cover of the printer.
  2. Gently push the roll into place until it is touching the lower black button. If the lower button is not depressed by the paper roll, the error light will flash.
    • Be careful! The paper gauges are fragile. If they become detached, then you'll need to take the printer apart in order to reattach the gauges.
  3. Do not try to feed the paper through the front rollers on the cover. The correct way to load the paper is to make sure the paper comes out from underneath the roll, as if you were loading a roll of toilet paper under instead of over. Pull the paper feed out of the printer.
  4. With the paper feed hanging out the front of the printer, close the cover by pushing it down onto the paper until it clicks.
  5. Turn the printer on.                    

Why did my receipt come out blank?

  • It's likely you've loaded the paper in reverse. Thermal receipt paper will only print on one side -- you can test this by scratching the surface of the paper before loading it into the printer.

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