How do I add a logo to my receipts?

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Are you interested in branding your receipts? Star Micronics (the manufacturers of your TSP printer) offers the ability to add logos to your receipts when using a PC. Before you continue, make sure your system and printer are supported:

  • Not available for Mac computers.
  • Supported printers: TSP100 Eco and TSP 100 (also known as TSP 143).
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows Vista (32/64-bit), and Windows XP.

Please note that business logos are only supported when using the above receipt printers. If using an inkjet or laser printer not sold by MINDBODY, you will not be able to include a logo on your receipt, and MINDBODY Technical Support cannot assist in troubleshooting your hardware.




Part 1: Access the futurePRNT Configuration Utility

From your computer desktop, go to the Start Menu (the Windows icon) > Programs > Star TSP100 > Configuration Utility.

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Part 2: Add images to your list to be set at the top or bottom of each receipt

1. Save the logo or coupon you have created on your PC in a folder to be referenced once you are in the Configuration Utility.

2. Open the Configuration Utility in Star Line Mode (default) and click Image List on the left hand side.

3. Click Add New.

4. When the dialogue box opens up, browse to the location of the logo image and click Open.

    • A preview of the image is displayed along with tools for customization. Enter a unique image name for easy identification. If necessary, the width can also be adjusted by clicking the scroll bar or entering a value in the text box.
    • You can select a different Dither Method to adjust the way the logo looks. A preview will display above.
    • Click Test Print and the printer will print out the graphic. If it looks okay, click Use Image.

5. Add as many images as you would like here (there is no limit to the amount of images you may add).

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Part 3: Assign the images as logos

1. Select "Logos & Cropping" on the left side of the menu bar.

2. To assign a logo, click Add next to the "Top Image List" section.

3. Select the logo image from the list that appears. Choose the desired alignment and click Use.

4. To the right of top image field list, there is a dropdown box with the option to cycle or print all. Cycle is set by default. Change to Print All to print the logo on the top of each receipt.

5. The logo image will now appear in the Top Image list. This graphic will print on the top of every receipt as long as it is set to "Print All" in the dropdown below "Delete."

6. When you are done, click Apply Changes at the bottom, and you are finished. You can now return to your MINDBODY software and print receipts as normal.

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Support information

If you have further questions about adding images to your receipts, please contact Star Micronics directly. Before calling, please locate the serial/part number. This should be listed somewhere on the hardware device.

Star Micronics customer support:

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Click here to view the Hardware Return Policy.

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