Electronic Cash Drawer - WASP (Mac)

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Installation of your electronic cash drawer on your Mac computer.

The Electronic Cash Drawer is set up to open automatically when you make a sale and print a receipt. We recommend using Safari as your browser when you process a sale in your MINDBODY site. Visit our website to purchase an Electronic Cash Drawer.


Dimensions: 16.25" x 16.2" x 4.3"

Make sure that your package contains the following:

  • 1 cash drawer
  • 2 keys

Before installing the cash drawer, you will need to install your Star Receipt Printer.





Turn off automatic printing

  • Hit the Home tab and select Manager Tools in the submenu. Choose Settings and click on General Setup & Options under General Settings. 
  • Click to expand the Retail Settings section. 
  • Uncheck the “Receipts – Print Automatically” option.
  • Click Update to save the change. 

Turn off your pop-up blocker in Safari

  • Click Safari in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Select Preferences in the dropdown menu.                                  
  • Click Security.
  • Uncheck “Block pop-up windows.”

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Cash drawer installation

Connect the cash drawer

Connect the cash drawer to the receipt printer. The cord has a telephone-like cable, which fits into the back of the Star receipt printer.

Change the Star receipt printer settings

Log into your MINDBODY site. You’ll need to sell something to a test client in order to bring up the settings menu you need. (You can return or void the sale later.)

  1. Click the Retail tab.
  2. Look up a client, preferably a test account.
  3. Add a product or service to the ticket.
  4. Choose any payment method.
  5. Click Save Print Receipt.
  6. A print menu will pop up. Expand the menu so that you can see the paper size and orientation selectors. (You may need to click the arrow to the right of the printer name, or you may need to click the Show Details button, depending on which version of Safari you have.)
  7. Beneath the Orientation section, you’ll see a dropdown menu titled Safari. Click it, and select Printer Features.
  8. In the Feature Sets menu, select Cash Drawer Control. Two new dropdown menus will pop up below:
    • In the “1. Cash Drawer” menu, select Open Drawer 1.
    • In the “2. Cash Drawer 1 Pulse Width” menu, select 200 milliseconds.Cashdrawer_1.png
  9. Once you have these settings in place, you’ll need to save them.
    • Click the Presets menu and select “Save Current Settings as Preset.”
    • Enter Receipt Preset as the name, and choose “Only this printer” to make these settings available only with your TSP 100 printer.
    • Click OK.Cashdrawer_2.pngCashdrawer_3.png
  10. Click Print.Cashdrawer_4.png
  11. The cash drawer will open, and your receipt will print! Remember, this method works only when you process sales in Safari with the automatic-printing feature turned off.

If the cash drawer does not pop open, verify that:

  1. The drawer is unlocked.
    • If you hear the cash drawer make a noise like it is trying to open, but it does not pop open, the drawer is locked shut. Use the keys that came with the drawer to unlock it. Additional keys can be ordered from the manufacturer.
  2. The receipt printer settings are correct.
    • Click the back arrow at the top of this page to verify your settings.

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Multiple cash drawers

You can set up multiple cash drawers for your business. The result is that all staff with access to the Retail tab must choose a cash register when they log in to your MINDBODY site.

To enable multiple cash drawers:

  1. Log into your MINDBODY site.
  2. Click on the Home tab and select Manager Tools from the submenu.
  3. Click on the Settings and then choose General Setup & Options under General Settings. 
  4. Under Retail Settings, check the box to enable Cash Drawers (Multiple)
  5. Click Update to save your changes.
  6. Click the refresh button on your browser to reload the page.

Next, you will need to set up the cash drawer names and locations:

  1. Return to the Home tab and select Manager Tools from the submenu.
  2. Click on Settings and choose Cash Register Options under Retail Settings. 
  3. Type the name of the cash drawer so that users can identify which one they are using when they log in.                                    
  4. Choose location if you have multiple business locations.
  5. Click Add Cash Register.

The next time a staff person logs in, they must choose the cash register associated with their workstation. 

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Click here to view the Hardware Return Policy.


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