WPS 100 Projection Barcode Scanner installation

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For your Wasp WPS100 scanner to work properly with your MINDBODY site, there is one configuration step required. You will need download the installation document located at the bottom of this article, print it, and then scan the barcodes that are printed on the page.

By scanning the barcodes printed on the document, your scanner will know to enter a return/enter character every time you scan a product's barcode. This will save you a lot of time when scanning products into inventory or checking your clients out on the Retail screen.

To configure your scanner

  1. Download the document at the bottom of this article.
  2. Open the Word document once it has been downloaded.
  3. Print the document.
  4. Scan the first three barcodes printed on the page, in order.
  5. Your scanner will be configured!

Contacting the manufacturer

Please use the information below to contact Wasp, the product manufacturer, with questions or concerns on warranty for the hardware. Before calling, locate the serial/part number. This should be listed on the hardware device.

Wasp Customer Support:

Note: Product is no longer sold by MINDBODY. For questions on the scanners we have available, contact MINDBODY Sales at (877) 755-4279 or email sales@mindbodyonline.com.


Click here to view the Hardware Return Policy.


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