Software and system requirements for Apple users

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Browser Compatibility

We design, test, and support our web based software to run on the most current non-mobile versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. However, some browsers have limitations from time to time. In particular, Chrome does not presently perform as well with installed printers as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

  • For our Mac users we recommend running the latest production version of Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox.  
  • For iPhone/iPod Touch users, please use the latest Safari browser available for the iPhone with the factory default settings. All MINDBODY features work on your browser except for the Staff Dashboard (which uses Adobe Flash, not yet supported by the iPhone/iPod Touch).
  • We currently do not support accessing MINDBODY from browsers on the Android operating system.

Online Scheduling & Booking:

  • Can be accessed from any machine with access to the Internet (PC or Mac).
  • Highspeed (Broadband) internet is recommended for Business Mode operations.
  • Cookies must be enabled. 

Receipt Printing:

  • For the best output, please run your system using the latest version of Safari and Firefox.

Java Requirement

Please note that the MINDBODY system requires the use of Java to function properly. A missing or outdated Java installation will affect the Retail Point of Sale screen, the Appointments screen, and receipt printing. If you are experiencing issues with these parts of your site, please ensure you are running the most recent Java installation by visiting

Google Chromebooks and many tablets do not support the use of Java. For this reason, we advise against using these devices as the sole computer in your business.

Hardware Requirements

  • Minimum: Pentium 4 or equivalent  1.6–2.4 GHz Processor, 2 GB RAM.
  • Recommended: Pentium Dual-Core or equivalent 2.2–2.7 GHz, 2GB RAM.

iPad Users

Apple has limited the use of the iPad's USB port to just the hardware devices made by Apple.

The iPad comes with the Safari browser and the iPhone OS. It can be used to run your MINDBODY business through the Safari Browser. However, there are some small limitations:

  • Limitation 1: Bluetooth
    • The Bluetooth on the iPad does not currently sync with any of our hardware. In fact, we have a hard time getting the iPad's Bluetooth to sync with any hardware. We tried over 10 different iPhones in our office, and even though Apple's website said that it syncs with iPhones, we could not get the iPad and iPhone to "discover" each other using Bluetooth. The only phone that we could get an iPad to "discover" is an LG phone (it's weird, we know).
    • Self Sign-In is currently non-functional when using the iPad with a Bluetooth Scanner due to an iOS limitation. Once the scanner submits the check in; it doesn’t reset itself for the next scan. Using your iPad, you will need to tap the box a second time on the Self Sign-In page, and click in the box to scan again.

  • Limitation 2: Drag and Drop
    • The iPad does not support drag-and-drop capabilities on the Appointment Schedule. To change an appointment time, you need to click them and modify the date and time fields the old fashioned way.
  • Limitation 3: Magtek Swiper
    • If you use the USB adapter that comes with the iPad's Camera Connection Kit to connect your MINDBODY site with your Magtek credit card swiper, then you will notice 1) a message states "This USB device is not supported," 2) the iPad's keypad stops working, and 3) the POS Screen displays white after swiping (looks like the iPad isn't able to handle the pop-up receipt). This makes swiping credit cards a little cumbersome. You basically have to plug the swiper in just at the moment you are actually swiping. However, the sale still goes through and the client actually gets the service they paid for. Meaning, it's doable until Apple figures out an actual USB interface for the iPad that works with something other than cameras. [/collapse]


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