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You're in the business of improving lives. We're here to complement the work you already do, and to help you do more than you ever thought possible.

As you begin using your MINDBODY site, consider the MINDBODY Support Center (i.e., this forum) to be your first stop for any and all questions that may arise. 






While your site is being built, you will be receiving a handful of emails: a purchase confirmation, a receipt, a welcome email, and a Merchant Account Application. Along with the emails, we have provided some steps you can take below. 


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mindbody calendar.png Schedule your training:

Training is included in your MINDBODY software purchase. Contact us today to book your first session.

By email: introduction@mindbodyonline.com

By phone:
  • US & Canada: 1-877-755-4279 
  • Australia: 1800 082 989
  • Austria: 0800 297 900
  • Germany: 0800 182 7256
  • Netherlands: 0800 452 950
  • Switzerland: 0800 820 041
  • United Kingdom: 020 3514 1894

Other Training Options:

    • Training Movies: (Free) Our training movies help you get your software up and running - on your own schedule.  Start watching now.
    • Jump Start: If you're short on time, let us handle your software setup for you. Learn more here.
    • Premium Support: Work with a dedicated MINDBODY point of contact who will help you to implement your MINDBODY software and become your personal product expert. Learn more here.

mindbody credit card.png Open a merchant account: 

MINDBODY has built-in credit card and ACH features. To take advantage of online store and point-of-sale credit card functionality, you will need to apply for a MINDBODY merchant account. We offer competitive rates, without hardware leasing or termination fees.

To get started, get the application here by clicking "Apply Today" in the lower right corner of the page.

If you have questions about merchant accounts, please contact the MINDBODY Merchant Account Team: 1.877.755.4279 or email merchantprocessing@mindbodyonline.com


mindbody refresh icon.png Schedule a conversion (if applicable):

Did you use software prior to purchasing MINDBODY? We offer one free data import or software conversion when you purchase. Whether you want a simple client list with names, phone numbers, addresses and emails imported, or something more complex like current memberships or class cards, we can help you with the transition. 

Learn more about the different types of Conversions here


mindbody clipboard.png Prepare for your training:

Before your training, locate and log into your site. Your site username and password will be in your welcome email. You can find your site through our Client Lookup page. 

The MINDBODY Help Suite is a one-stop shop, containing everything you need to set up your software to help manage your business. In fact, you're on it right now!

More help with preparation:

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