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The Business Information screen is where you store information, including location information, sales tax rates, shipping information for purchase orders, printed sales receipts, and time zone settings. Also, when MINDBODY needs to contact you about planned maintenance work and changes we've made to your software, we send an email to the one listed here.



Where is the Business Information screen?

  1. Log in as the owner.
  2. Click the Home tab and select Manager Tools in the submenu.
  3. Choose Settings, and click on Business Information under Business Settings.
  4. Select one of the following links in the column on the left you wish to add or change information.      

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Locations & App Listings

Here you can manage the physical addresses for each location of your business, as well as the information about your business that will appear on the MINDBODY app. Just select a location for your business (if necessary), enter your address information, and click Save. Any changes you make to your business information will be refreshed in the app starting the next day.

1. Business Location(s)

  • Business address, City, State, and Zip: The street address of your business. NOTE: This information will be publicly listed to your clients, so if your meet up location is different from your business address, we recommend entering the address that you want your clients to see.
  • Phone: The contact number that customers can use to reach your business. 
  • Contact name: The best person to contact at your business for information, such as a general manager or owner.
  • Shipping address: If a location's shipping address matches its physical address, then you can save some time by ticking the checkbox beside "Same as business address."
  • Time Zone: The time zone setting for your MINDBODY site.

2. List your business on MINDBODY app

  • To list your business on MINDBODY app, select Let people find me on the MINDBODY app. Then, you can complete the information that will appear for your business listing on the app.                                                                                                        
  • Where do you meet your clients? If you meet your clients at your business address, select Same as business address and this address will display in the app. If you meet your clients at a different address than your business address (for example, at a public park or recreation center), select Different address or landmark and enter the address you’d like to display in your listing on the app.                                                                                    
  • Business description (optional): The business description should include general information about your business and the services you offer.
  • Location description (optional): Let users know where and how to find your business (for example, “Located in the red brick building between Mother’s Tavern and Jane’s Boutique.”)

Mobile preview

  • Click between the iOS, Android, and Maps tabs on the mobile preview to see how your listing will display on each type of device or on the map in the app. 
  • If the red pin on the map is not in the right spot, click the Maps tab and then drag and drop the pin to your correct location.

Additional options

  • Check the box next to “Allow my clients to sign in to class with the app” if you’d like your clients to be prompted to sign in to class once they are near your business (using their phone GPS).
  • Check the box next to “Promote the app with my clients” if you’d like to include links to download the app on your site and in emails. If your business has it’s own mobile app, you may want to uncheck this box. Learn more about promoting in the MINDBODY app.

When you're done updating your business information, hit Save in the bottom right corner.

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Contact Information 

1. How will your clients get in touch?

  • Business name for auto emails: Enter a name that will appear when your clients replies to an auto email.
  • Contact email: This is the email your clients will see when they're logged into MINDBODY as consumers.
  • Reply-to address for auto emails: Check the box if it's the same as the contact email, or uncheck to enter an email address you want appear when your client replies to an auto email.

2. How will MINDBODY get in touch?

  • Email: MINDBODY will use this email address to send you important information about new software features, planned outages, promotions, and other announcements. Please enter your preferred email address.

3. Business Listing

  • When enabled, your business will be listed on for you to easily access your site by clicking on 'Log In' on the top left menu. When disabled, your site is only accessible through shortcuts, links from your website, or your MINDBODY website address.

4. State/Province Settings

  • State/Province: Is your business in Massachusetts? You probably hate typing Massachusetts every time you enter a new client. If you enable this feature, it will enter your state name automatically when setting up new teachers and clients. Don't worry if he or she doesn't live in your state. You get a second chance to change it when you setup someone new.

5. Business Website Link

  • Website address: Enter the home page web address for your main website (we're assuming that your MINDBODY site is not your business's main website.) We will link your logo to this website address so that if people want to return to your main page, they can simply click on your logo.

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Logo & Colors 

Business logo

Your logo displays in your MINDBODY site in the upper-left corner of the screen and in auto emails. If clients click on your logo, then a new browser window opens directing them to your studio website. For best results, use a logo that is 70 pixels high, and no more than 300 pixels wide. To search for the file you want to use as a logo, click Choose Logo, and to delete the current image, click Remove Logo.

  • Colors: Your can customize the background color and text color that displays in your Consumer Mode header (what your customers see when they visit your site). Just click on the tiles directly below the header to see a preview of the colors, and click Select when you find a combination you like.                                                

Mobile logo

This is the logo used when your services are displayed in MINDBODY's mobile apps. For best results, use a logo that is 64 pixels high by 64 pixels wide.

Gift card logo:

This logo will display on gift cards that are purchased online. For the best results, use a logo that is 50 pixels high, and no more than 200 pixels wide.

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Tax Rates 

  1. Sales Tax: Your local sales tax rate will be entered here.
  2. Tax Rate(s) 2-5 -- Alternative tax rates can be assigned to products or services; you can rename these rates. A 0% tax rate indicates a rate of zero applied to products and services, and will appear on your reports. If you don't enter a rate, then "None" will display.

These fields support percentages, so you can input "7" for 7%. Only the tax rates being utilized by your business are displayed on the Pricing Options & Membership setup screens. If you have multiple locations, then all active tax rates across your business's locations will be displayed on the screen.

Click here for assistance with applying tax rates in MINDBODY.

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Who can access the Business Information screen?

In order to navigate to Business Information, a staff member must have the following permission

  1. Business Information screen

Understanding the Business Information screen Business Locations Time Zone Settings

Because MINDBODY is based in California, by default our features use the Pacific Standard Time (PST) zone. If you don't live in the PST, then you need to tell our system what time zone you are located in. If you are unsure of what time zone you are located in, click here.

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