Classes: setup, scheduling, and pricing

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A class is any service a staff member offers to multiple students, without a long-term commitment. It might be a fencing class that is offered on Tuesday and Thursday nights, or a recurring workout class that happens every morning at 5:45 sharp. The teacher is always there, but students can come to the classes that fit their schedules. It's different than an enrollment, where students are expected to sign up and show up for all. Learn about setting up and scheduling enrollments.

If you offer classes, then setting up, scheduling, and creating pricing options can be done all from one screen, known as Services & Pricing, in your MINDBODY site.

  • If you're a MINDBODY Solo Client who offers Classes, please click here for instructions.


Class setup location

  1. Go to your Home tab, and select Services & Pricing from the submenu. 
  2. Click the Classes link on the left. 

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How to add a class

While on your Classes setup page,

  1. Begin by clicking the +Add a Class button.
    • If you have already begun setting up your classes, your Services & Pricing page will look like this: 
  2. Add information about your class to the Add a Class page. 
    • Class name: Your clients will see this name on your weekly class schedule. Help them choose the right class by including the style and level in the name (e.g., Intermediate Kickboxing).
    • Class type: Class types are used for filtering your class schedule and reports. You can add as many or as few as you’d like. 
      • To add a new class type, select Add New in the drop-down menu, and then name your class type. Click Add to save. 
    • Class Level: Select the level for your class (e.g., Beginning, Intermediate, etc.). You can skip this option or return to it later, if you have not set up class levels.
    • Image: This image will display with your online class descriptions, including on MINDBODY® app.
    • Description: Tell your clients what this class is about.
    • Advanced options: Click to expand "Advanced options" to add prerequisite settings, general notes, and registration notes.
  3. Click Add to save your class, and you’ll be taken back to your Services & Pricing page.
  4. You’ll see your class was added to a service category, with the options to schedule or add pricing. 
    • Service categories are groups of classes. All of the classes in a particular service category can be paid for with the same pricing options.
      • Example: If you offer yoga and indoor cycling classes that are both $15 per class, you can have both in the same service category. If yoga classes are $10 per class, and indoor cycling classes are $15, you should have two separate service categories, and name them appropriately.
    • Customers are able to see and search your service category names online.
  5. Also on your Services & Pricing page:
    • You can click on the name of the class to edit the class details. 
    • To add another class to the same service category, click the +Add a Class button.
    • To delete a class, click the blue trashcan icon next to the class name. 
  6. When you're ready, click +Schedule or +Add Pricing for the class(es) you've added.
  7. To add another service category, click +Add new service category at the bottom of the page. Remember: Service categories are groups of classes that share the same pricing option. Click here to learn more.

Learn more about adding new classes.

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Add a class schedule

Once you’ve added the class(es), you can begin scheduling the dates, times and your staff.

  1. Click +Schedule next to the class you’d like to schedule. 
  2. On the scheduling screen, follow the five steps to set up. Click here for step-by-step instructions.
  3. Be sure to click Schedule Class when you're finished.
  4. On the next page, use the +Add a Schedule button to add more schedules for this class, or click Back to Services & Pricing to go back to your Services & Pricing page. 
  5. Once you've returned to Services & Pricing, you’ll see the total number of classes scheduled. 
    • To edit or delete a schedule, click the # scheduled link.
    • To add another schedule, click +Schedule.

Learn more about managing and scheduling your classes.

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Add pricing

Add pricing to allow clients to purchase your services. From your Services & Pricing page:

  1. Click +Add pricing, and then select the type of pricing option you’d like to add (i.e., Single session, Multiple sessions, Unlimited sessions, or Autopay/Contract). You can add several different types of pricing options to your site:
    • Single Sessions: A single session pricing option will pay for one class in this service category. Example: A one-class pass.
    • Multiple Sessions: A multiple session pricing option will pay for as many classes in this service category as you want. You set the number and the price when you create the pricing option. You also set an expiration date by which the client needs to use all of these visits. Example: A ten-class pass. 
    • Unlimited Sessions: An unlimited session pricing option pays for as many classes as the client wants to take within a time frame that you set. Example: Unlimited classes for thirty days.
    • Contracts/Autopays: Contracts offer clients the ability to buy class passes on an automatic payment schedule that you set up. You decide how many classes the contract gives clients, as well as how often they're charged for those class sessions. Clients must agree to your terms before they buy the contract, and you have the option to suspend or terminate the contract from the client's profile. Example: A contract that sells clients an unlimited class pass each month, and lasts for one year. Note: To learn how to sell a contract to a client, click here
  2. Complete the “Add a New Pricing Option” page, and then click Add.
    • Remember: These pricing options will pay for all of the classes you’ve added to the left.
  3. Use the +Add Pricing menu to add more pricing options.
  4. To edit a pricing option, click on it. 
  5. To delete a pricing option, hover over it with your mouse, and then click the blue trashcan icon.

Learn more about adding new pricing options.

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Understanding service categories

Service categories are groups of classes and the pricing options that pay for those classes. Customers will be able to see and search your service category names. Learn more about class service categories.

To edit a service category:

  1. Click directly on the service category name to expand the category section. 
  2. Click the Rename link next to the category you wish to edit. 

Note: If this is the first time you're setting up Classes, you will notice a service category name appear by default called “Classes" after adding the first class. You can change this by clicking the Rename link, typing in a new name, and then pressing Enter on your keyboard. 


To add a new service category:

  1. Click +Add new service category. 
    • Use the +Add a Class button to add classes to your service category.
    • Schedule your classes, and assign pricing options.


Service categories menu

The gear menu is located at the top right of each service category section. It can help you customize the settings for each service category. Choose from the following options in the dropdown menu:                                    

  • Allow online scheduling: You can quickly turn online scheduling on or off for each service category by clicking this option in the gear menu. When online scheduling is turned on, you’ll see a globe icon to the left of the gear, and a checkmark will appear to the right of “Allow online scheduling” in the gear menu.
  • Create pricing relationships: Use this menu option to set up paying relationships between service categories (e.g., making it so that pricing options in your Kickboxing Classes service category also pay for your Weight Training Classes service category). Click it to see all possible pairings between the current service category and the other service categories in your system. Then, click a service category pair to see the relationships you can choose from:
    • Choose the red circle with the slash through it if you do not want either category to pay for the other.


    • Choose the green arrow that points to the right if you want the service category on the left to pay for the service category on the right.


    • Choose the green arrow that points to the left if you want the service category on the right to pay for the service category on the left.


    • Choose the green arrow that points both ways if you want the service categories to pay for each other.


Click to select the relationship you want to assign these two service categories. Then click Save.

  • View inactive pricing options: Click this menu option to see all of the inactive pricing options for the classes in this service category. The inactive pricing options will be organized by pricing option type. Click the green “Activate” button to the right of any pricing option that you want to reactivate. Click Done when you finish.
  • View inactive classes: Click this menu option to see all of the inactive classes in this service category. The inactive classes will be organized alphabetically by name. Click the green “Activate” button to the right of any class that you want to reactivate. Click Done when you finish.
  • Payroll integration: If you integrate your MINDBODY site with a third-party payroll processor (i.e., ADP, Exact Payroll, or Paychex), you can use these fields to enter payroll codes for teachers and assistants that are specific to each service category. These codes will display on the Payroll Export Setup report. To learn more about Payroll Export Setup, click here.
    • Enter the teacher payroll code for this service category in the field marked “Service category code.”
    • Enter the assistant payroll code for this service category in the field marked “Assistant service category code.”
  • Tab assignment: This menu option allows you to choose which tabs will display class offerings in this service category. If you have just one tab dedicated to class services, it will be the only option in the dropdown menu. However, if you have set up more than one class services tab in your Tab Management screen, you can choose between them. Select multiple tabs by holding down the Control button on a PC, or the command button on a Mac, and clicking as many as you like.
  • Deactivate service category: Click this option if you do not want to schedule new classes or sell pricing options in this service category. Click the “Deactivate Service Category” button in the lightbox to confirm your decision. Note: You can view and reactivate inactive service categories by clicking the “View Inactive Service Categories” link at the very bottom of the Classes screen. When the menu expands, just click the “Activate” button next to any service category you wish to use again.

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