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Scheduling your classes is the last step to getting your classes on the schedule. Here you will schedule a start time, start and end dates, and a teacher for the class. After you complete this step, your classes will appear when you click on the Classes tab.

Classes are scheduled in blocks. If a class meets at the same time every day (for example, every Monday at 9:30 a.m.) or at the same time for several days of the week (for example, 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday), then you can just create one schedule block for the class, and it will appear on the schedule until the end date. This type of scheduling is common for most online calendars. 



Scheduling classes from the Services & Pricing screen

After you’ve added a class on your Services & Pricing page, you can create, schedule, and set up pricing options to pay for new classes—all on one screen.

  1. Go to your Home tab, and select Services & Pricing from the submenu.
  2. Click the Classes link on the left. 
  3. Click +Schedule next to the class you’d like to schedule. 
    • Note: If you're a MINDBODY Solo Client who offers Classes, please click here for instructions.
  4. This will take you to the Schedule Class page.

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Schedule Class page

Fill in the scheduling information as follows:

1. When 

  • Start date: Click in the active field and use the calendar icon to select the class’ start date. Or, enter the start date in the field.
  • Copy this schedule to: After you have entered your start date, click the days you want to "Copy this schedule to." Selected days will turn blue. If you make a mistake, just click any day you’ve selected to deselect it.
  • Time: Choose the start time and the end time of each class session. These start and end times will apply to each weekday you selected in the previous step.
  • End date: By default, classes are scheduled to end one full year after their start date. Use the dropdown menu to change the end date. Select “2 years from now” if you expect your class schedule to stay the same in the future. Choose “Specify end date” to select any date you wish. Or, if the class will happen only once on a single day, choose “Class only happens once.” This option sets the class to begin and end on the same day.

2. Staff

  • Staff member: Select the staff member that will teach the class. If you need to add this person to the system, you can do that here. Just select “Add New” at the bottom of the list, and enter the new staff member’s information in the lightbox that pops up on your screen.
  • Pay rate: Select the pay rate that the staff member should receive for teaching this class. You will need to set up these pay rates in the Staff Management screen.

3. Where

  • Room: Select the room where the class will take place. If you need to add a room, select "Add New" at the bottom of the list, and enter the new room name.

4. Class size

  • Total Capacity: Enter the maximum number of students who can sign up for the class.
  • How many can waitlist?: Enter the maximum number of students who can waitlist the class.

5. Online options

  • Online scheduling:
    • Tick the “Yes” button to allow clients to sign up for this class online.
    • Tick the “No” button to require clients to come in to your business to sign up for this class.
  • Online capacity: In this box, enter the maximum number of students that can sign up for this class online. You might want to set this number lower than your total capacity to leave room for drop-in clients, or clients who don’t use the Internet.

6. Other

  • Can clients sign up unpaid?
    • Select “Yes” if you want clients to be able to sign up for the class online and pay for it later, when they come in to your business.
    • Select “No” if you want clients to pay for their class when they sign up. This setting requires clients who don’t have an applicable pricing option to buy one in Consumer Mode, using existing account credit or a payment card.
  • Is this a free class?
    • Select “Yes” if you want to offer this class for free to all clients.
    • Select “No” if you want clients to pay for this class. “No” is the default setting.

When you're done, click the green Schedule Class button at the bottom right to add the class to the schedule, and return to the Manage Schedules page.

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Things to know

  • If you are scheduling classes for multiple days, the schedules will appear saved as individual classes under your Manage Schedules page. For example, if you scheduled recurring classes for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, your classes will be separated to make it easy for any future changes to the individual days.
  • With separate scheduling, you will not be able to make changes to the day of your class from the Edit Scheduled Class/Event page. 
  • You can bundle your block of classes to allow multi-day recurring reservations which will result in classes being bundled together when you schedule them for more than one day of the week (e.g., you select Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, when adding a class to the schedule). This enables your clients to make a recurring reservation for all days of the week together as one recurring reservation. Please note: Enabling this feature will also result in the inability to modify the staff member, time, or room for an individual day of the class. One change affects all days that are scheduled together.
  • Scheduling a client for recurring classes on multiple days (i.e. M, W, F) through your site (in Business Mode), you will still need to make the recurring reservations for each day.
  • When a client schedules his classes online (in Consumer Mode), he will still need to make recurring reservations for each day.

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Optional schedule features

There are more setting options for your individual classes. You can view these features on the Edit Scheduled Class/Event screen after you've scheduled a class.

  • Unpaid Online Signups? If you check this, then your clients can sign up online for classes without having to pay. They still need to pay once they arrive at the class.
  • Free Class: If you check this option, the system will not try to collect payment for the class. It will assume that you're offering it pro bono. The change does not apply to clients who have already registered for the class. You will need to remove those clients from the class, and reregister them. This feature does not work with the Courses feature.
  • Show to Public: Check this option to make the class visible in the schedule viewed by the public in Consumer Mode.
  • Mask Teacher: Check this option to hide the teacher's name from the public.
  • Wait Lists: If you enabled wait lists on the Class & Enrollment Options screen, then you can allow for this class to have a wait list. This means that if the class fills up online, people can join the wait list, hoping that someone will drop out. If someone from the class cancels, then the first person on the wait list is notified via auto email that they can join. You can control wait list settings on the Class & Enrollment Options screen.

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