Error when trying to return: "We're sorry, there was a problem processing this return. Please verify the information is correct and try again."

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Reasons you may see this error include:


If your client's credit card is showing as a refund option and this message pops up it that means you may have recently received a new merchant account.

    • Any sales done before the new account was opened are not able to process a return. You will have to issue your client a check or cash refund.

If the sale location was edited at any time.

    • For example, if your client checked purchased through your online store, but you edited the sale to show it was purchased in-store, you may get this error.
    • The solution is to change the return location back to the original location and the error should no longer appear.
      • There will be a location drop down beneath the "Reason for the return: (Required)" box during the refund process. This is where you will choose the original location the transaction was processed.



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